Here’s to where it all started…

An autumn walk, the golden hour sunshine and a hyper active dog. I took a picture of a little spiderweb. It looked like it was made out of pure silver. And for just a moment nothing else existed in the world, expect for the warm sunshine and that tiny little miracle of nature.

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Feet on level ground

"My feet stand on level ground; in the great assembly I will praise the lord." Psalm 26:12 So I turned 26 this week. A solid number. That morning I read Psalm 26, it's a thing that sort of slipped its way into my family. That last verse got to me. Because I gotta be honest... Continue Reading →

Cheers to wine and life

Over the past few weeks I have had various people tell me that they miss my writing. And more than once that I realized I am missing it. As much as the public part of it was scary, it also gave something back to me that I don't get from my personal journal. The paper... Continue Reading →

Okay, one more…

So I have really neglected this blog. I had a nice idea for 2018, however that remained a personal pen and paper journaling thing. After I quit writing every day in October, a lot of people have commented that they missed my stories. Just because I am writing one now, doesn't mean I will completely... Continue Reading →

Day 365 – Here’s to the end

And then that moment arrives. My final day. Tomorrow I will turn 25. Tonight, I am throwing a small birthday party already since tomorrow is just another normal working day. Yesterday I already started reflecting a bit in my blog on the past year. I hardly know where to start. But here’s to the end.... Continue Reading →

Day 363 – Scared

I don't like to admit it, but I am scared for lots of things. Scared to get seriously sick. Scared to share. Scared to fail. Scared that I am not good enough. Scared of what will happen next. Scared of being lonely. Scared of lossing people I love. Scared to quit.  This blog. It's almost... Continue Reading →

Day 361 – Midway point

I still remember the first week I was here in Uganda. Hosted by a wonderful family. Felt at home pretty quickly. Sat on the same couch as I am sitting on now to eat my first home-cooked meal. 6 months in Uganda already. Halfway through my year as trainee PGA with ZOA. Time flies. It... Continue Reading →

Dag 358 – Einde in zicht

Nog maar een week en dan is het klaar. Dan is deze blog voorbij. In ieder geval het elke dag schrijven en dat dan delen met de wereld. En eerlijk gezegd is het goed zo. Ik ben er wel even klaar mee. De afgelopen week heb ik veel nagedacht over wat deze blog mij heeft... Continue Reading →

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