Day 1 – On being 24

So it’s my birthday. And if it’s your birthday, you treat people. So here is mine. An old baby photo from when I was just one hour old. Look at that hair! It might not be the best quality picture, but hey, it was taken 24 years ago. Over the past few days I have been thinking about what this first day of my blog should be about. But after some thought, I am sure the right place to start is 24 years ago. So this is obviously not a picture I took today. And definitely not by myself. But enjoy! You’re welcome.

In my first blog I wrote about why I am doing this 365 day project. I talked about being 24. How I thought that was nothing special at first. One of those in-between-special-birthdays. But when I started to look into the number 24 I found some interesting facts. Okay, that actually sounds boring. So first, I am giving you just a few more pictures of a few moments of those 24 years.

You are probably still wondering why I am writing about 24. Honestly, I needed a good reason to stop complaining about this number and start appreciating this year.

Most of the information on the Wikipedia page on the number 24 was about mathematical stuff that I really don’t understand. If anyone finds it interesting and is willing to explain to me, feel free! But seriously, did you know that 24 is the number of carats of pure gold?  Well I didn’t. Although that’s probably because I don’t have the money to buy anything from pure gold. Or that there are a total of 24 major and minor keys in Western music. So for example Chopin’s 24 Preludes contains a piece written in every key. Fascinating, huh? And then lastly, numbers often have meaning in religions. For example, 24 is the number of books in the Tanakh, which is a part of the Jewish texts. In Christian theology, 24 is the number that represents the complete Church, adding together the 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 apostles from the New Testament.

That’s just a little bit about the number 24. Somehow it reminds of being complete. Pure gold, all the keys in music, the complete Church. That makes me wonder. Should I be ‘complete’ by now? Well the fact is. I am not. Neither are you probably. But that’s okay. That brings me to why I am writing this blog. To learn to love the life can be complete in just little moments and so often incomplete as well. A birthday is just a day. They get less special when you are getting older. But I remember when I turned 11 and got a new season of Little House of the Prairie on DVD. When I turned 20 and some of my friends freaked out about the apple pie my mum made. Or last year when I wore one of my favourite dresses and I could still sit outside without a sweater in the warm autumn sunshine.

In each of these birthdays there was something special. In the number 24 there is something special. Today is special, because I am starting a crazy 365 day project that I hope to complete this year. That little baby with the black hair has come a long way. And she has a long way to complete this project.

But I am taking it one day at the time and the first day is done.

364 days to go.


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