Day 4 – Head up high

Pictures of flowers. You’re probably going to see them a whole lot in the year to come. I grew up with flowers all around, both in and outside the house. Today my mother put these fresh dahlias from her garden. The white one in the middle reminded me of stars. Which then reminded me of a song I listened to this morning. The name of the song is Esther, which refers to one of the most bad ass women in the Bible. The name Esther means ‘star’ in Persian.

The minister in the church I grew up in started a series on this book of the Bible. It’s a fascinating story. If you are not really familiar with the story and don’t feel like picking up a Bible right away, you can always one of those over dramatic movies based upon her story. What draws me to this story however is the struggle of a young woman from a minority background that enters a position of authority. Sounds impossible? If you would have told someone a hundred years ago that the current president of the United States isn’t white and the next one might not be male, they would have probably laughed in your face too, right?

If you read the book however, you might be in for a surprise. Because although I think she is a star and a bad ass woman, she is also kind of shy and quiet. She doesn’t really say all that much and needs to be encouraged to take political action. And that’s why I like her so much. She wasn’t just a beautiful girl, but she also had her doubts and insecurities. Only when she really had no other choice, she gathered the courage to step up. She is so much like any other girl.

That’s what the song is about. Sometimes you will find yourself in a situation that just seems so random. It just seems a coincidence. However no one else is exactly where you are. No one else can live your life for you. You have to take responsibility over your own actions. And you are freaking scared. You might not get letters from Heaven telling you what to do next. I surely don’t get them regularly, yet somewhere in between the lines of your story, you have to trust there is a plan.

Flowers are like stars. Flowers remind me of Esther. Incredibly beautiful, yet fragile and vulnerable at the same time. They keep their head up high to reach out to the sun. Just like the song says:

Esther, keep your head up high. Keep your head up high and your back straight.

Listen to the original song from Matthijn Buwalda:

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