Day 5 – Simply rest

So I recently read an article about rest. A survey with more than 18.000 participants from 134 countries showed that if you take enough rest, you are more likely to be satisfied with your level of well being and happiness. Okay, so the authors conclude that taking time to rest is actually good for you.

Nothing new, right?

Yet, what I found interesting was the top-5 of restful activities that were listed in this article. Most of these are things you do alone. Just by yourself.

  1. Reading (58%)
  2. Being in the natural environment (53.1%)
  3. Being on their own (52.1%)
  4. Listening to music (40.6%)
  5. Doing nothing in particular (40%)

This got me thinking and brought me right back at camp this summer. In case you don’t know what camp is, send me a message. I’ll tell you all about it. But basically it’s the place that made me into how I am today. During the past summer I had the privilege to work there again with so many talented and amazing teenagers. But having 60 teenagers around you 24/7 can be a little tiring sometimes. The little bit of rest a day is so necessary to be fully committed all the other times of a day at camp. I love spending time alone.

I took this photo at the dock. The boys were in the middle of renovating it. One of my wonderful colleagues made me a quesadilla. I remember the warm strong wooden planks. The soft wind making the sunlight glitter on the water. These are precious memories going into the days filled with too many dark hours. I just close my eyes and then I am back there.

We live in a world which never seems to be quiet. Everything is always going, turning, happening. It takes just a few seconds to send a message to a friend in Equador, South Africa or Israel. I open up my laptop and the news from all of those same places is available.

I am not surprised that about 70 % of the participants in the research would like more rest in their lives. I honestly have so many moments in my life that I would like more rest. But what I really need is just to be alone sometimes.

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