Day 6 – Baseline happiness

This morning I went running. It’s definitely getting colder outside, but the sun and blue sky made up for it. So I put on my shoes and went outside. Our little dog Jackie recognized my running shoes and started jumping up and down with unlimited amounts of joy. She was definitely a lot more enthusiastic than I was.The joy of Jackie when I take her for a run is incredibly inspiring. Her enthusiasm gets me motivated. Even if I don’t really feel like I am enjoying the run, they always tend to be a little better if that little dog comes along.

I have to admit that this dog pretty much has a dream dog life. Always able to go outside and run around to catch rats. Allowed to be inside in front of the fire place on cold winter nights. She gets a cookie when my dad makes coffee and a little extra treat on Sundays. Don’t ask me how she knows it’s Sunday. But she does, cause those treats are in a different closed and only on that day she waits in front of that door to get it.

This week there’s a lot of attention for animals around world animal day. I don’t really have a lot with that day. I grew up around animals at our farm. I appreciate them, eat them, love them. But maybe sometimes not enough. Life is simple for Jackie. In between the joy and rest, there is simply a baseline happiness. She doesn’t plan or schedule life, it just happens. It’s there and she takes each opportunity to enjoy. That’s what I feel I can learn form her this week. To be observant about the space I am in and the opportunities that come along, just grab them and enjoy them till the full extent.

I believe I have a pretty decent baseline happiness. I am not easily demotivated. I am quite optimistic. I don’t really know what it feels like to be incredibly down or even depressed. But it sometimes makes me wonder if I have the enthusiasm that Jackie has. She is so overjoyed that every vessel of her tiny dog body is celebrating. I think this is something I’ve learned during the past few months, while working at camp. I’ve noticed that I am more joyful if I don’t take life always so serious. If I really pay attention to the little details of life. I hope this blog is going to help me enjoy the little things in life even more. I am not saying I am not satisfied, but I don’t just want to settle for a baseline happiness. I kind of want to be a like our little Jackie. Taking time to rest in front of a fire, like I wrote about yesterday and then be filled with joy to go outside into the wild.

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