Day 9 – Thoughts on food

With my parents being away for the weekend, I found it was time to make some sushi again. I like preparing the rice, taking time to cut up fresh vegetables, fish and then rolling the sushi. I made about 24 roles and obviously we ate almost all of it with the two of us. I think most of us have a complicated relationship with food. We love it. We hate it. We need it. We don’t want it.

I grew up with a lot of fresh food. My mum has a huge vegetable garden. If I want some fresh lemon grass or mint tea, I just pick the leaves outside. Put them in a pot with boiling water and voila! My favourite food is probably home-made apple pie with coffee. Milk from our own cows. Fresh sushi with avocado, cucumber and salmon is getting pretty high up my list of favourite food too.

Taking time to make food and enjoy it is a privilege. There are so many places in the world where families are wondering when they will have money for another meal. I don’t know what it’s like to be hungry. I have always had enough to eat. Not just enough, but healthy, nutrition and enriching food. Still it can always be a struggle. Not just having too little food, but too much food as well. Having too much to choose from. All sorts of food hypes come up as a result.

Take the Green Happiness dietary advice which is criticised by many people. I’ve been reading up some articles on these women and it seems that they might indeed go against scientific research. Yet I also believe that we too often assume that a simple title of an article already proves that the content is solid. This whole discussion about who is right and who is wrong about the danger of a book filled with recipes is just one example of our control based society. I feel that our obsession with food is linked with that too. Having enough food available is not enough, so many people are obsessed with calories, vitamins, fiber, salt and sugar.

So while my sister and I were eating way to much sushi, we were wondering if sushi is actually good for you. According to some top Google results, it is definitely not the most unhealthy thing to eat. But I don’t know how many calories an average sushi roll has or the amount of fiber in the nori. Do I care? Not really. I just keep eating it, because I love the combination of the tastes. The sweet, sour and salty tastes of sushi. Yum.

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