Day 10 – When mist disappears

I like mist in the morning. It gives a sense of mystery. The world slowly reveals itself as the sun rises. It feels like everything is just a little bit more quiet. Like the world is waiting for something to unveil. So after I took the picture from my bedroom window, I just stood there to watch the sunrise. Watch morning glory unfold.

That is what I was going to write about. The beauty of silence, waiting and the mystery. The peacefulness of the morning. I love mornings and not just the ones where I wake up before my alarm goes off and I can just doze off a little while longer.

So as I open the curtain, I see the mist and the sun play with each other. It only takes a few moments for the mist to disappear and for the sun to break through.

But just as much as quick as that magic disappeared, my feelings of patiently waiting, inner peace and joy changed into sadness and helplessness today. I don’t really have a lot to say today. I don’t really know what to write. Other than that my thoughts tonight are with Eun A from my graduating class. I remember her as a graceful, intelligent and humble young woman. It’s been two years now since we both threw up our caps and tassels in the air and celebrated getting our Bachelor degree after three years of hard work and dedication. Right now she is fighting a whole different fight. Just a few days ago she was diagnosed with an acute form of leukemia.

In order for her to enjoy many more days starting with wonder and beautiful risings of the sun, she needs support in order to pay for her treatment. If you can’t support her financially, hopefully you will be willing to pray for her and keep her in your thoughts. Or take a moment to think and pray for someone else in your surroundings that is dealing with illness.

Appreciate your own health. Be grateful. Because it might be gone soon. Just like the morning mist.

For more information and supporting Eun A’s treatment

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