Day 13 – Simple is good enough

Yesterday I had lunch with a close friend at a place called ‘bijzonder gewoon’. I guess I would translate it with ‘especially ordinary’. It’s a lunch place in a town nearby where young people with a disability work. The place was filled with people, the food was really nice and the service excellent. In those moments life has a simplicity to it that I just absolutely love.

We went for a walk after, because I wanted to see the water mill that has been renovated. I mean just look at it. It’s so beautiful. The trees are just starting to change color, the birds are pretty quite at this time of year and  there are so many cute houses and farms hidden everywhere. As we are finding our way through the  colourful woods and lands, we are talking about where we are in our lives. Both just turned 24 and curious about what the next year will bring.

day-13-simple-life-1Lunch and walks like this afternoon are special, because they are so simple. Walking around with a map and exploring the area where were we grew up. What I value most however is the simplicity of just being in that moment. The joy of knowing this guy. One minute he’s teasing me, the next we can talk about serious issues. It’s one of those afternoons that is going to stick with me for a while.

Afterwards we warmed up inside with some coffee. On both sides of our table, an older couple took place. They had some coffee too. But I somehow noticed that they weren’t talking much to each other. Just sitting there, enjoying the moment in silence. Sharing a sense of being in each other’s lives for a long time already and being content. I hope that’s what our friendship will be like in 50 years from now.

We might not walk as easily anymore, but I hope we still drink coffee together. Then we sit there. We might not say much. We might just look at each other and think about that afternoon when we were young and full of dreams. Then we will realise that it isn’t that complicated and simple is good enough.

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