Day 14 – Waiting

Today I went to my new physician for an introduction. When I was sitting in their waiting room with colourful couches, when two men came in. One of them sat right across from me holding his thumb with his other hand looking pale like a ghost. The other man was wearing the outfit of the local butchery.

The assistant asked me if I minded waiting a little longer due to the almost cut of hand. (Okay, I don’t actually know what was wrong, but considering the amount of blood that streamed down his arm, he probably needed a few stitches.) Of course, I didn’t mind.

Waiting. We do it all the time. Waiting for a bus or a train. Waiting for a friend. Waiting to get a reply from the job application that I was enthusiastic about. Waiting to fall in love with that person that is going to change the rest of my live. I guess the question is what you do with the time that in between.

Over the last few weeks I have been adjusting to this feeling of waiting. Not knowing what my next steps will be. I have a plan for the next few weeks now and hopefully an interesting project waiting that I am sure you will read more about in the next few weeks, but beyond that. One of my friend recently texted me in Spanish: “Díria hay que darle tiempo al tiempo”. I am a big believer in the fact that things happen for a reason. We are not just here on this planet waiting to die. The time you might have is not actually that long. The past few weeks have gone by so quickly and now the next thing is right around the corner.

Waiting patiently while living a good life isn’t easy. But I am trying.

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