Day 17 – Travels ahead

So yesterday I heard that I am flying to Ethiopia tomorrow. Yeah, not much prep time, but I am really excited about this project. Together with Rosemarie I will be doing research for Tear. In the next few weeks I will updating you on our research for sure. So pretty pictures of Dutch autumns will make place again for the life of two girls in Adama, Ethiopia.

Travelling, it’s this exciting element that has become very important in my life over the past years. Ever since I set my foot on plane with destination New York 8 years ago I can’t seem to stop flying away to different countries and continents. I don’t know why travelling has such a grip on me. I love being home to rewind and rest, but then I get restless after a while. I want to go again.

Travelling is about movement and discovery. Honestly, I don’t believe you have to cross geographical borders to explore the joy of travelling. Like so many have said before me, it’s not just about the destiny, but about the journey. Do I ever get used to it? The excitement is definitely still here, but then I also don’t get nervous anymore about preparing a trip.

What makes travelling interesting for me is the not knowing. Not knowing how it will go, where you will be and who you will meet. It’s the heaviness of leaving people behind mixed with the spontaneous meetings with new friends. Speed of life is just a little bit different in  a new country and in new surroundings. I am curious about what these next weeks will bring. I hope you will be travelling along with me through my blog. In that way you only have watch the photos and read the stories.

In the mean time I will be packing my backpack again and prepare for another journey. Travelling with me?

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