Day 18 – Counting blessings

Warm showers,

Strawberries in December (totally unnecessary by the way),

Multiple mobile devices connected to internet,

A passport from the Schengen zone,

A bed I don’t have to share,

Running without the fear of being harassed,

Friends that drop by to hug you good bye on cold, rainy evenings,

Contact with friends on the other side of the world,

Choosing between various types of restaurants if I go out for dinner,

Shoes that fit me (and yes, my feet are tiny),

A piano waiting for me to go play a song,

A dog jumping up with joy when I come home,

A health care insurance,

A toothbrush,

Coffee and a newspaper,

Candles for fun, electricity for light,

A driver’s license,

A Master’s degree,

Soft pillows,

A warm winter jacket,

Fresh air to breath in (+ Lung medication to breath during hay fever season),

A Bible to study,

Or access to any other book I want to read,

Fresh vegetables from my mum’s garden,

A backpack filled with clothes for when I go live some place else,


This list could go on forever. It’s not just about the things, it’s about the people I share them with or the memories that are created by them. If I then read about little children in Syria learning to add up numbers by counting bombs, my heart breaks. Why do I have so much? Why do they live in fear every single day? I wish I would have the answers or I wish I could just share my privilege and make everything equal. Yet that’s not how it works. I deliberately chose for a title that didn’t include the word ‘my’ or ‘your’. Because even though this list is just about some things that came to my mind, it could be your list as well. This blessings aren’t just for me or mine to keep. I also don’t want to have one moment in a year, like Thanksgiving or Christmas, when I count blessings and then live the other 364 days of the year without the same level or gratitude. Counting blessings is an ongoing process. I believe it makes me more grateful and more appreciative of God gives me every single day. It doesn’t give me an answer to the questions about why life can sometimes be so unfair. But it does remind me that I am very blessed and it teaches me to share what I have been given.

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