We live in world with a lot of distraction. It’s around us all the time. Our lives seem so scattered all over the place. Sometimes it seems like we have so many different things going on at the same time. We forget to focus.

Focus on being silent. Focus on what is past and what is ahead of us. Focus on simply being in the now. I have this candle next to my bed and I light it before I go to sleep. I read in my Bible, pray or just sit and watch the little light.

By the time this post is online I will hopefully in another country on another continent. New adventure ahead. That’s what I focused on. Looking back at the wonderful weeks at home and looking forward to the unknown that’s coming up. This time I feel like I am really going to miss some people here that I feel like I reconnected with. But I am also excited to meet new people and challenge myself again.

Lighting that candle last night. Just being in that moment. Tomorrow will be a whole new day, but I am ready for it.