Day 23 – New beginnings

It’s Monday morning. It’s still dark outside. Do I wake up or do I turn around sleep some more. In general, I am more a morning person than an evening person. I tend to work more and concentrate better in the morning. So I get up, read a daily devotion, eat some breakfast and then get back to my room. I see my backpack. It finally arrived and is waiting to be unpacked.

However, instead of starting to work immediately, I grab my yoga mat and take 30 minutes to stretch. I put up an old video that I watched before already, but inspires me for new beginnings. It’s the 30 day yoga sequence with Adriene. If you are ever looking for an easy way to start a workout sessions or just a perfect way to combine relaxation with movement, I would recommend watching her videos.

While guiding me through the movements, she speaks about commitment. That is the attitude that I want to start this week with. Commitment. I don’t have any plans. I don’t know what I want to do or can do, but I need to start somewhere. Motion and emotion only differ one letter. I believe your body and mind are strongly connected. Take care of one or the other won’t get you very far, you need to integrate both into your daily life. That’s what I am trying to commit too.

So as my body slowly wakes up, I feel my shoulders loosen and my legs warm up. Let’s start some unpacking and then get motivated for a new Monday.

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