Day 31 – Circles of wisdom

In yesterday’s blog I wrote about being young. About the gift of being young and how you shouldn’t feel less of yourself because of your age. So last night I got to sit at the table with two groups of teenagers and how I loved it. The questions, the attitude and yet the desire to learn something. Tough on the outside, but sweet on the inside.

Sitting at that table and cycling home through a night filled with stars, reminded me of a circle in forest far away from here. It is a place where young leaders come together, sit around a fire and where wisdom is shared. It always a little bit magical. Simply because it is a place of honesty, openness and listening.

I am convinced that youth need places like these in their lives. In a world filled with distraction all the time, it is hard to focus. Teenagers keep up this air of not wanting to be there, but I believe that just a cover. Deep down they want to be listened to and taken seriously. So that’s what I am going to work on in the next week. Create a circle of wisdom that inspires them to ask questions, be critical and engage in new ideas and new forms of learning.

It makes me hopeful, because it will be a journey that I might learn even more from than I anticipated before yesterday. Have you found it yet? That place that inspires you to be better? To be meaningful to a broader community? It’s hard work, but so worth it.

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