Day 32 – One month of being 24

One month. That sounds like so much and nothing at the same time. Today is 2 November 2016. So that means I have been 24 years old for one month now. Time for a little bit of reflection and looking forward. It hasn’t necessarily been an easy month. In many ways it’s been a wonderful with a lot of positive days, but there have also been a few days in which I wasn’t so happy. A few lessons learned:

1. If you want a dream, you have to work for it to make it happen.

Writing has always been a dream. I love being creative, I love doing arts and crafts, but I never really take a lot of time for it. This month has reminded me that it dedication comes a long way. I find it hard to say whether I see my writing improve, but at least being able to write something every single day of that first month has shown me that I can do this. I can make a dream happen. It takes time and effort, but it is totally worth it.

2. Sharing is caring, even if you have no idea about the effect.

When I started this blog I was kind of afraid that people wouldn’t like it or care about it. That thought is now out of the window. When I see the statistics and hundreds of people have read these blogs, I am just amazed. However, the numbers are not really important. Sometimes I read a bit which I don’t really like myself and then I get a message from someone about how it inspired them. One of my friends told me she reads it every day, even when she already almost asleep, she grabs her phone to still read my blog. That touches me. That is why I am sharing these thoughts, because it’s a way in which I can show that I care.

3. Choosing pictures from every day life makes me grateful.

Sometimes I wish I could just post a photo. Without explanation of what it made me feel like or what it is about. Just let the picture of that simple every day life capture you as a reader. Without professional photography skills I am still happy that these last months have been captivating for myself. This blog has given me a new way of looking towards the world with gratitude.

4. Not perfect is good enough.

Writing about whatever comes to mind during the day, is vulnerable. I am definitely a perfectionist, which means that I easily feel it’s not good enough. That I need to be better or do better. That’s a challenge, because for this project I don’t have a whole lot of time to make every little word or sentence perfect. However I have come to realise that it is okay not have everything perfectly in order. I didn’t start this journey with a set list of topics I wanted to write about. I didn’t have a whole range of picture ready for posting. It’s just what it is, not perfect, but good enough.

5. Receiving a new day every day

On day 2 I wrote about open hands. This blog was to remind myself on days where I would not feel inspired to write something, to stick with it and just do it anyways. To receive the gift of a day every day. Making myself write about every day for a month now has been doing that for me in a way. Sitting down with my laptop or phone and writing down these thoughts makes me realise that the day in itself is a gift. I get a chance every morning to do something beautiful with it.

One month down, eleven more to go.

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