Day 35 – Celebration

Empty blog page in front of me. I don’t really have the words to reflect on yesterday. Too little sleep perhaps or just endless amounts of gratitude that I don’t know how to express. Even though I wasn’t supposed to be at my own graduation, I made it after all. If you want to know why, read my day 24 blog. So there I was, with 5 other amazing young women, at the University of Amsterdam. Graduation. Master of Science degree in Sociology is real now.

At first I wasn’t necessarily looking forward to this day. Just because I didn’t plan on being there, yet it definitely turned out to be worthwhile after all. What I learned from yesterday is that you shouldn’t take days like these for granted. Because they are special. I worked two years for this diploma. It deserves a bit of praise and mostly gratefulness. Studying at a university is a privilege. It’s special and not everyone gets to have a Master of Science degree in the end.

This blog is there to thank everyone who has been a part of this. My family, my friends all around the world, my fellow students, the MISOCO professors, supervisors and staff, the online yoga videos, the endless books, articles, the wonderful roommates, the cities that kept me company, the trains, the planes, the suitcase, the list goes on and on. Days like these are special. Even though it is just my name on the diploma, there are so many names I think of when I hold that piece of paper.

After coming home from the graduation ceremony, I went to an event in my home town. Organised by a friend with the goal to bring together youth from all different kinds of church communities in the area. Gor Khatchikyan spoke about coming home. Being at crossroads in your life and then deciding to get up and come home to God, more specifically your Father.

Maybe that was the best part of the day. Not getting a diploma with my name on it, celebrating the past two years, but also putting pressure to do something valuable with that education. Yet I believe that it is not just up to me. I don’t have to do that all alone. I am a child of God. He has the final say in my life. I don’t have to be afraid of failure. I am a child of God. With a freaking Master’s degree.

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