Day 37 – Open gates

I spend my Monday morning on the phone with one of my favourite government organisations regarding my student grants. A bit of patience however brings you a long way and luckily most of the issues got resolved immediately. For the other one I still have to wait 5 more days at least. After a weekend filled with people, building relationships and focusing on worship and learning, it’s Monday again. Outside it’s grey and dark. A true November day. Monday mornings are not the favourite kind of day for most people. Yet there is something special about this morning compared to the other ones in the week. A new week for work is about to start. It’s an open gate.

As you might have figured out by reading these blogs up until now, I love metaphors. They work well for me. I wrote about bridges before and about making art just to link back to a few previous blogs. The gate in the picture of today is an old one. It connects the different fields of the farm and keeps the cows from just randomly crossing the road. This weekend I have been talking with my family and friends about the point of rules and regulations. Gates often give the association of being restricting. Keeping us from where we want to go.

Yet gates are there for a purpose. On the one hand they are there for protection, yet also to be pushed open. This weekend I have been asking myself if I dare to open the gate to a new opportunity. With an unknown future ahead, it feels up to me to open the gate. Yet it’s up to God to show me which gate to choose. I have been questioning myself whether I am maybe afraid of pushing through. To be honest I might be. But today is Monday. New day, new week. At least it started successfully with getting rid of a student debt due to a mistake in the system. Not a bad start for a Monday morning on a rainy November day.

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