Day 39 – Strong and courageous

Be strong and courageous

whispered the wind

the warm and gentle morning sun kissed her face

as she simply stood there

carried by the waves that would never stop moving

Be strong and courageous

whispered the trees

the birds sang her a song of faithfulness

as she simply stood there

with her arms wide open

being endlessly hopeful

I wrote this poem or whatever you may call it, yesterday afternoon. Not knowing I would wake up to an election result that would shake the whole world. The picture was taken on one of my last days in the States this summer. The poem is a reflection of my last morning at that same lake. Jokingly I have said: “If Trump becomes president, I ain’t coming back.” Maybe I won’t. I don’t know what is going to happen after today. Neither does anyone else.

I think that is what makes us so afraid. That we simply don’t know. That makes us afraid and filled with fear. Everything is different now, yet I can’t quite explain how yet.

Endlessly hopeful.

That feeling that I felt deep in my bones and veins, streaming through me like a river in spring. Yet my life over the past few weeks has been different than I expected. It’s definitely not a disaster, but very different for sure. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow or the day after that. Yet I choose not to let fear win but to trust in the Lord. To remain strong an courageous. Not because I am so powerful, but because I believe that this world in the hands of a much bigger power than any leader in this world will ever be.

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