Day 40 – The dark days of November

It’s cold outside. The first week of real freezing winter weather. The days are short. It gets dark by 5 in the afternoon and it rains. Not the kind of refreshing rain you will gladly welcoming in the summer, but the drops that feel like spikes of cold ice. I love the autumn that slowly changes colour and leaves you with breathtaking warm and sunny days. But this autumn with the wind and the rain is not my favourite.

A lot of people struggle with winter depressions. It makes sense physically. Since you can’t be outside too much, you get a cold more easily, not enough Vitamin D or any other useful elements for your body. How do you stay healthy in such weather? That’s always a struggle for me with my relatively weak immune system.

Yet I also feel I shouldn’t complain. Because I have so much to be grateful for. A warm house and a warm bed every single night. I don’t have a job just yet, but I will probably end up somewhere very amazing eventually. I have wonderful friends that care for me and a supporting family. I don’t have a real depression and don’t even know how hard it must be to have to struggle with thoughts of negativity every single day.

When days are this grey, I do want to stay in bed and curl myself up with a good book. Maybe get out for some breakfast and coffee. Yet in the end there is something special about each day that is worth getting up for. So while this blog will be posted, I will be volunteering with the guests from the local international café. Refugees, volunteers, coffee and games. Always a good combination on a rainy  Thursday morning in November.

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