Day 41 – Tears of joy

Yesterday I wrote about the dark days of November. Next morning and it is still as dark and cold. Yet my day yesterday was special. It was made special by Wassim who came to the Netherlands for refuge. In less than three weeks his family will come over the Netherlands. After more than a year, they will reunite.

After a morning of practicing Dutch words, playing games and drinking coffee, Wassim sat down and starting drawing. I had already seen some of his paintings, but this was just absolutely amazing. A simple black pen  and a pencil was all it took to make this beautiful drawing.

The eye with the tear. Made by a man in which I can see some much sadness. I rarely see him smile and if he does smile, there is still this underlying feeling of loss. I don’t want to paint a picture of only vulnerability, because this man is also incredibly resilient. His paintings are exceptionally beautiful and he is very talented. He loves to share his passion for art. He engages in conversation and games.

Yet I really hope that in a few weeks, there will only be tears of joy and happiness when he gets to hold his family in his arms again. I hope it will an inspiration for many more beautiful works of art.

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