Day 42 – Is this world real?

Is this world real? That’s the question I have been philosophizing about the fakeness of the world with a dear friend. The whole election debacle in the United States, being likes for the social media of her new business, the filling in bra’s. Anyways, fakeness seems to be everywhere. 

Earlier on the day I took the bus to her house and  noticed how I was sharing that ride with three other woman. All wearing headscarves. For me that’s normal. Just young women going home or to a friend. Parts of the city, just as much as I was once part of the city. 

But this week got me thinking. If Trump can make it as president, can Wilders from the extreme right wing populist Party for Freedom make it too in the Netherlands? Elections are coming up next spring. He has been the leading party in polls for a while now. Even though his party program is just one page, the plans in those couple lines seem fake. But could it be real?

That would mean those 3 young women in the bus today would be kicked out of the country. They would just have to go. Even though they are probably just as Dutch as I am. I don’t really know what to do as the thought hits me. I just stare at my feet and bow my  head. Because I am ashamed of the way people that  belong to a minority are treated. Because I am disappointed I will never be able to tell my grandchildren that after the first president of colour, the US had a female president. I will never be a able to tell my grandchildren that when I studied at the university the majority of my professors didn’t belong to the male, white, 50+ club. 

Is the world real? It is. But there is a lot of fakeness and pretending going on. There is a lot of work to do. 

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