Day 43 – Change it a little bit

My teaching will fall like raindrops;
my speech will settle like dew—
like gentle rains on grass,
like spring showers on all that is green—

Deuteronomy 32:2-4

I am on the way home. It’s quiet in the train. People are all in there own world with there mobile devices. It’s kind of paradoxical, don’t you think? How we’ve becoming so connected with the world online that we’ve totally disconnected from the world around us. The man next me reads his Psychology Today articles on his iPad. The title of one of the articles: ‘forgiving is good for you’. It brings me back to the Justice conference I attended today. One thought remains. It isn’t about me, it’s about Jesus who lived his whole life with justice and forgiveness at the center.

After 13 speakers, a couple performances and a few design challenges, I am reflecting on that day. I am tired. There is only so much information my brain can handle and not having been in class for a while now, makes my memory a little less active. My brains deserve a break for sure, but I think this day was even a bit much for the most active of brains amongst us. Anyways, as I am thinking a couple stories remain at the fore front. Andrew White who brought a small olive wood cross as a gift from one of the kids in the Middle East with a message: “tell them we love them.” Then there is the pastor who speaks about killing a snake to protect her children. Sometimes we have to do things, even though we really don’t want to. There is the politician talking about the individual and having the guts to let that one person move you.

One underlying message remains: “you can’t fix the world, but you can change it just a little bit.” It reminds me of raindrops. Tiny and small. It doesn’t fix climate change, but it changes that little piece of the earth. It might look insignificant, but it makes a difference. Let’s all just be raindrops. Even if the world seems so disconnected. Let’s forgive. Let’s fight for a world in which justice plays a core role. Not because we are so awesome and fantastic, but because we live from forgiveness. Because we are forgiven through Jesus.

This is the first blog post that I didn’t post on the day itself. That was a conscious decision. After coming home late on Saturday evening and writing bits and pieces in the train, I didn’t really have the energy to continue writing and finish the whole post. I prioritized spending time with my family, pondering about the day and going into the Sunday with a calm mind. Sundays are a day of rest. Period. A day in which I don’t write, even though I love it and don’t see it as work. But I believe it is fruitful to leave my blog aside for one day. There is always enough to write about the next day.

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