Day 46 – Brokenness

Last week I wrote about relationships. A post about being Single, together, alone. It was one of those posts that got a lot of views. Apparently it is a topic that many of us can relate to, which makes sense, because I believe that everyone will encounter brokenness at some point in their life.

As I am cycling through the cold November rain, my thoughts wonder to the people that are dealing with brokenness. Broken relationships, dreams or hopes. Yesterday I wrote about new opportunities. How cruel can life sometimes be. While I am mending and putting pieces slowly together, for others around me things are falling apart. Sometimes I feel stuck in the middle and do I not know how I can be of any help. But I guess that’s precisely what helps the most sometimes. Just admitting I don’t know either. Sharing the brokenness.

I am figuring that out. One thing I am sure of is, is that there is no such thing as a guideline or 5-step plan to be a good friend through break-ups. Every person is different and deals with grief and goodbyes in a different way. Yet what matters in the end, is only if you decide to stay. Stand with them in the rain. Or do you move on? I guess it’s times like these that show you true friendship that lasts. That’s worth something in itself.

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