Day 48 -Why don’t we read more?

Last night I was preparing for next week, a discussion about creation, evolution and climate change. Not the lightest of topics with curious teenagers. How do I deal with that? Do I know enough? Probably not. When I was their age about ten years ago, I wanted to know everything. Every little detail. In order to find out, I would read. Get books, articles, Google, ask people how know more. However with the whole world available in our hands, I feel like we know less than ever before.

An article from the New Yorker asks the same thing. Do teenagers still read? Not just words and articles on Facebook, but serious stuff. Not even serious stuff, just books. I always have a few books that I am reading at that time. I always wish I would read more. Since I started living abroad and traveling, I have been using my e-reader a lot more. Even though it will never be the same as a real book, at least it’s a very accessible way of having books around on long train rides.

But how do you convince teenagers that grew up with smartphones in their hand that a real book is worth it? How do you tell them that reading makes you a different person? How do you trigger their interest into a good story? How do you get them to dream away with a Jane Austen book or be captivated by a Paulo Coelho? Maybe I have a shot next week and see if I can trigger some teenagers into engaging with curiosity.

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