Day 51 – Health obsessions

This morning I woke up with the thought, I really want to go running today and do some yoga. Nothing wrong with that. I am even slightly surprised by my motivation today, because really I am not the sports-type-girl. When I was young I really didn’t like gym classes, I got decent grades by simply being nice in team sports instead of being blinded by competitiveness. So with the idea in my head to do some sports today, I get up and go downstairs for some breakfast. As I get some yogurt with muesli and fruits, I think back about the news item I saw last night. About children between 8 and 13 years-old that are obsessed by healthy eating which turns into anorexia nervosa.

I grew up with this disease around me. I saw young women in my life being obsessed with their bodies in an unhealthy way. Yet that isn’t my story to share, it’s theirs. However in a way it has strongly impacted me too. To see people you love slowly lose themselves is painful. If you recognize something in this story. Do you see people around you that have become obsessed by food in an unhealthy way? Even if it is following healthy recipes and diets. Ask them how they feel about their body. Do you get positive answers or only negative replies? Encourage them to get help. Really, I know this is hard, I really do. But it isn’t going to get better in itself, it only gets worse by itself. I’ve always been someone who wanted to fix them, fix the whole world and take away everyone’s pain. But over the years I’ve learned that that is impossible. I really can’t fix someone and make them feel better. Processes of pain and disease are unfortunately still a part of this world. I do believe in world without pain and tears, we are just not there yet.

As I am eating my breakfast and prepare for the day by writing a to-do list, I listen to some music. The song ‘Brokenness aside’ by All Sons & Daughters comes up. It isn’t just a beautiful song, it’s so meaningful to what I am trying to process in my mind this morning. My hart aches for those young girls and boys that suffers from diseases like anorexia nervosa, eating less and less as a symptom of troubled body-image. I find my peace in the message of the song. We are all broken. We are all tangled up in lies. We all need forgiveness and grace. But Jesus takes brokenness aside and makes it beautiful. That counts just as much for me as it does for you.

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