Day 52 – When the floods rise

Maybe you’ve heard about the new documentary Before the Flood from Leonardo DiCaprio. I still have to watch it, but I’ve heard good things about it and will definitely take time to watch it soon. The storm of this weekend showed me again that the world is changing. Weather is getting extremer and frankly, we are screwing up the planet. Talking about creation and how we are dealing with this planet gets me excited, angry and passionate. Because we really do need to do something about it.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, climate change is very real. If it weren’t for smart brains and tax money, I don’t think this country would still be very much existing. Simply because of the fact that half of it is below sea-level. Not kidding, Google it. Yet it is also the country of  wind mills and solar panels. At least I hope it will be some day.

Besides all the science of it, which I know is complicated and advanced, what still surprises me most is the difference in opinions about it. I feel that the gaps in societies, the polarisation in countries like the Netherlands, is showcased by the way that people think about climate change. For the Dutchies amongst my readers, this article about diversity in the climate change movement is definitely worth a read and gets you thinking. I sometimes get this feeling that climate change is not really an issue for people from lower socio-economic issues. But would I blame someone who is trying to make ends meet in the first place? Or some politician who also has to decide on budgets for social welfare or has to stand against lobbies of powerful industrial companies.

The question is where do I stand? Somewhere in the middle? Sympathetic with the climate change movements, but not really a hardcore activist either. Am I doing enough? Am I making conscious choices as a consumer? Am I realising that this planet is changing and that it is not going to stop unless everyone has a change of heart.

I find it a difficult issue. I don’t have all the answers. But at least I think I am going to watch that Leonardo DiCaprio documentary to see what he discovers. Because he is right, we do need to get the conversation about climate change on top of the agenda. Not just for our own sake, but we have that responsibility for our future generations.

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