Day 53 – Purpose

Yesterday I spent my day working on a project proposal. Even though I don’t miss the days writing and rewriting behind my laptop from my studying days, because it makes me tired to stare at a screen. It makes me wonder what it is that I am willing to keep doing that again and again. I’ve been giving it some thought and if there is one thing that I have learned over the past few weeks is that I need purpose.

On the phone with one my friends on the other side of the world, she said something that got to me: “you always seem to do something, in your studies or next to studying, with purpose. It’s a tricky word in my opinion, because I don’t really see myself as being crazy competitive or being extremely goal-oriented. However the word purpose for me isn’t just a Justin Bieber album name, it’s learning to focus on the process as well as the end result. Having a goal to achieve, yet being able to breath through every single step and enjoy it if it were my last.

There are probably hundreds of self-help books or management courses that explain why purpose is important or valuable. I scribbled a page with a nice image in my little Jane Austen notebook, just to remind myself about how the circles come together in my own life. Even though it might seem I’ve got them pretty much into place, it doesn’t always feel that way. The question is how do you achieve a perfect balance with each of these elements. Purpose doesn’t just fall out of the sky or is given to you on a piece of paper from heaven. It’s a search, it’s the feeling of waking up with energy to get your day started. It takes courage and perseverance to find purpose and then to hold on to it.

I wish you a purposeful day!

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