Day 60 – Cold days

I am really cold. It’s freezing all day long and I can’t stand it.  I am not very much a person that is made for cold. My body doesn’t really handle it to well. Stuffed noses, freezing fingers and energy-levels of a bear in his winter sleep. I’m not sure if I could go a few months without eating or drinking, but the idea of crawling into a nice hole and just sleeping is nice. At least the cold has been complimented with some beautiful blue skies and sunny days.

In the process of trying to stay warm, I do appreciate having a warm house and warm clothes. This summer I donated some money to a charity for homeless. To be honest, it’s not really a subject that interests me so much, mainly because I don’t really get affected by it in any way. Where I live there are not many people that openly live out on the streets. So it isn’t a very visible, yet on cold days like these, I couldn’t imagine not having a safe and warm home.

But it’s a real issue. I looked up some statistics. Earlier this year, it was reported that within six years, 13000 people became homeless. That’s an increase of 74%. Those are stagering numbers in a small country, where you would think that there are enough ways to help through the welfare system. This summer I walked around in New York City. Bloody hot and sweaty. In a city that is home to many more homeless people, I can’t imagine how it must be like when the winter approaches. The Coalition For The Homeless reports that more than 60000 people sleep in shelters tonight.

I have a warm and safe house. A bed to sleep in. A room for myself. I can’t even imagine what it must be like for someone who doesn’t have all of that. I guess I should stop complaining about cold fingers.

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