Day 61 – Struggle between heart and mind

A friend of mine sent this picture to me and a couple other friends. She made it over a couple of months of therapy. A brain and a heart. Both with strong hands wearing boxing gloves. Made with clay, sculpted, baked and glazed. A process that takes time, just as therapy does. But she found a beautiful metaphor to express her process through art. I love this little piece of creativity, because it tells me a story and I recognize the artist in it. The thing with art is that there is no right or wrong. No good or bad. It just is what it is.

What I think is so powerful about this creation, is the story it tells. The struggle between heart and mind. I think we all recognize that feeling. Or rather how your ratio seems to tell a different thing compared to our emotions. Finding balance between those two is not easy. Your mind seems to trust facts, data, understanding and logic, but your heart prefers silence, feelings, believing and emotions. They seem to contradict each other all the time.

It is always easier to give other advice on how to keep that balance. For some particular reason, we always seem to know what someone else should do or think. Maybe because we have some distance and because we are an outsider. This makes me wonder why it is sometimes so easy to give your insights into someone else’s life, whereas to make that judgement about yourself is whole different question.

Sometimes I wonder if this is a generational issue. Why are trends like mindfulness incredibly popular? Last night I had a conversation with someone who is quite a number of years older and he was reflecting about how youth these days approach issues and questions much more openly. They ask questions, which he would never ask as a teenager. Yet he also said that this doesn’t mean that he didn’t think the same things many years ago. So I don’t think this is something new. I am convinced that the struggle between what your heart tells you and what your mind tells you, is as old as human kind.

I believe it will be a life long struggle. For some more than for others. Maybe you fight this battle every day. Maybe you’ll hardly ever notice an imbalance. I hope your heart and mind will strength each other, support each other and make your life more beautiful. But in case they give you worry, heartache and pain, I want you to know that I recognize that struggle. I might not be able to calm your internal storms, but maybe my heart and mind, generally quite balanced, can help you along some day. Through my blog, a personal message or in person. You’re not fighting alone.

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