Day 63 – Little things

Earlier this week I read a small note in a book I started reading. It’s basically a collection of all sorts of different bits and pieces about silence and how to find rest in the ordinary daily life. The author wrote about how she knows an artist that studies the little things in nature. Just a simple square meter of nature. What happens if you pay attention to just that little piece of nature. So that was my main motivation to go running in the morning. Another cold December morning, but also a very beautiful one. The world was white and little bit frozen around the edges.

It’s been a long week. Definitely some good moments in which I got to see friends again or catch up with people I hadn’t spoken too in a long time. But it’s been also a discouraging week, in which some things didn’t go as planned. I had my heart set on an internship with a very interesting organisation, but got denied with the argument that I am too good for the job. I am better suited as a project officer or something along the lines a bit higher up in a team. Yet then I ask the question, why I get denied for exactly that position in the same organisation based on the argument that I wouldn’t have enough work experience. Get my point? It feels like others are taking decisions for me, without really making an effort to get to know who I am. And if they do, then they think they know what is best for me. I find that frustrating.

I am sure I am not the only recent graduate that is struggling on the job market. I know I didn’t choose an easy field as young sociologist with an interest in voluntary organisations and education, yet I am still behind that choice knowing that other types of work, like ICT or something highly commercial would just make me deeply unhappy.

That little fern doesn’t have to worry about getting a job. It already has one. It simply has to catch the sunlight and grow. Although not right now, because it’s winter and time for a break. Maybe staring at a square meter of nature is useful after all. It reminds me that small things matter and that worrying about jobs, money and future plans are not the most important. Even if it might feel that way sometimes. Eventually it’s about living my life every single day with a sense of gratitude and attention to those who really need it.

Happy #Dressember everyone!

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