Day 64 – Wonder about the world

Today I scolded myself a little bit. I can often by quite hard on myself, but in general I am pretty much at ease with myself. But that wasn’t what I felt last week, because it was mainly tiredness, frustration with a touch of feeling hopeless. Forgetting to just look around and admire the splendor of December days. So that’s what I told myself to do. Even though it’s cold outside, this magical frozen world is there to be seen and admired.

Yesterday I wrote about the little things. Now I am zooming out. Not too much, just enough to catch the last rays of sun on a cold winter’s day in the huge windows of our living room. The sky turns red and yellow and gold, while the fog comes up. I wonder why it seems like the fog is in this huge circle around the house, only to realise later that it must be close too, but it is so thin, that you see through it to a certain point in the distance. Sometimes I wish I would have done some kind of physics, chemistry or life science as a major. Simple because it fascinates me.

As I am staring out of the window and seeing the landscape change in just a few moments, I realise that it is this view that makes my heart lighter again. Slowly but surely, the frustration and confusing is melting away. In my mind a clearer picture appears. A picture about what my future might look like. What I dream of and what I want to achieve. As it because more clearly in my mind, I am getting more energy to work even harder to make it happen. As the fog comes up, the fog clears in my head. And I am excited for it. Just as I get excited every  night when I see beautiful skies like this.

p.s. If someone can explain me those beautiful weather phenomena, I am seeing every day, I’d love to learn more about it!

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