Day 65 – Go slow

All of the sudden my whole future changes again. Okay, that sounds a bit to dramatic. Let’s just say that new opportunities arise and all of the sudden I get the feeling that I am going into the right direction. However, the question remains which way to go and what steps to take.

This weekend I worked a new crafts project for my mum. The beautiful thing about crocheting is that it takes time. Stitch by stitch. Just one needle and one thread. Go slow. Take your time. It’s kind of repetitive work. Except for the counting and keeping track of the pattern, you don’t have to change all that much. You simply do the same little movement a million times.

I just realised that it is a nice metaphor of what life is like. Sometimes we will do the same million things. Eat, sleep, love, pray, read, …. Yet all those little things together will weave a pattern. Not every stitch will be the same. The colour might change slightly or one will be more tight than the other, but all together they form one piece. A unique piece.

It takes time. I’ve been working on this cover for a tiny stool in the living room for a couple days now. Not that I work on it all the time, but it is a time investment. It doesn’t get done in an hour. To be honest with you, that’s often how I would like my life to go. Jumping from one thing to the next. Quick, alive and ready for more. Yet that is also not how it goes. Even though we live in a world where almost anything seems available to us in a mouse click, sometimes it can’t hurt to choose for the option that requires more time and asks for an investment.

Unique and going slow. Those are two key ingredients for a beautiful work in progress. Appreciation of each element of the work. Especially in this time of job hunting, making defining choices. I find it hard. I don’t always enjoy this process. But it’s a learning curve. And when it all gets a little bit too much, I simply crochet for a bit. My mind will calm down from doing the same thing over and over again for sure.

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