It is so dark outside. It is so cold.

Even the stars don’t shine through the mist tonight. I saw a vague moon when I biked through the December darkness.

I only see the stars of wood next to the candle. Reflecting the light instead of being the source.

I wish I was a star. Shining bright.

Sometimes I know that I am. But other moments I don’t feel like shining at all.

Then I just want to curl up under the cover of my warm and safe bed where no one can hurt me.

I wish I was star. Shining bright.

Do I expect too much of myself or do I simply ask too much?

Just a little bit of warmth. Just a little bit of light.

That’s all that I ask for. To be a star. Shining bright.

Especially on the dark, cold nights when it’s a little hard to believe.