Day 70 – Warning: low energy levels 

Okay, so it’s been a bit of a week with ups and downs. Some real disappointments mixed with new opportunities,  while battling through a week with a flu. I don’t like being sick as it really affects my memory. I just forget stuff and mostly just feel incredibly tired. So what do I write about on a day in which I don’t wake up feeling rested, when I take two hours to bake a cake (which did taste good though) and invest time in transcribing an interview.

I am sure everyone has those days.When nothing seems to work out. When you feel tired all day long and just want to curl up in bed. And you know what? I am not even going to try and fight it. I am tired. That just what it is. My body is aching, I couldn’t even find some rest in a short yoga routine with some down dogs that usually really help me to ground myself again.

It’s not easy to admit that I am feeling so tired. I feel disappointed in myself, maybe because I expect too much of myself. In a week with so many different things coming and going, moments, snapshots, emotions to deal with and sneezing in between, it’s just too much. I am not some sort of super model that can handle it all. I am vulnerable. My lungs protest. My skin is dry and my hair is falling out. My body clearly tells me to take care of myself. It’s tired, because it’s working hard. I need to respect that, accept that and give it time to heal.

So tonight I am turning off my phone. I am picking up the book I started reading last week. I will stare at the fire for some time. I am going to drink some hot chocolate, eat some more fruits and then most of all, turn in very early. Sounds like the Saturday evening that I need and I think our little dog agrees whole heartedly.

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  1. I agree with you too. Take care of yourself. I know how you feel about feeling lazy. I am bed ridden for at least 3 days, suppose to be 7 cause I just had surgery. It has not even been 24 hrs and I am already getting stir crazy! I am praying for you. ❤


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