Day 72 – Seldom early, but never late

Today I seemed to be struggling with time. In the morning I woke up early, but then by the time I had started up my laptop to start working, it seemed much later again. When I was supposed to talk to a friend, I was still on the phone hassling with government organisations trying to get answers. When I was ready for an interview, the interviewee struggled with her time schedule. When I needed to finish preparing class for tonight, I couldn’t think of anything. When I finally came home again I talked to another friend, but forgot about wanting to do yoga and take a shower. Long story short. I struggled with time today.

There never seems to be enough for all the things I would like to do. But then it  also always seems to take too long before the next thing happens. I am done waiting. Waiting for what will happen tomorrow. That just reminds me of what Caroline Installs used to say  in those old Little House on the Prairie  movies: “people always worry about tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes.”

Funny  enough my morning devotion started with the reminder that you sometimes have to wait. For days.  Because you are going into new territory. You don’t know what will happen next, so you just wait until you are told where to go. I’ve been thinking  about that idea. Is it really true? Is it  always the case?

I  don’t know. I  don’t know if  waiting is always a good and necessary thing. It  has taught me one thing though over the past few weeks. God is seldom early, but never late.

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