Day 74 – Vitamins

I don’t know about you, but I miss the summer. I miss a lot of things about it, but amongst those are fresh fruits. I  consider myself being very lucky, because I got to grow up surrounded by fresh fruits and vegetables. Although I never really knew  what it was like to grow up without it, I took it for granted. 

It changed around the time that I went away to college and needed to take care of myself. The first years there was still a dining hall (maybe not the greatest, but I survived) and after that it was just me, my roommates  and my bank account statements deciding what to eat.

Over the past week of illness, I reminded myself again of the importance of eating fruits.  Those vitamins are so essential. Without them you will feel less energetic, less fit and awake. Colds and flu will take over. I  am  not saying that we can all be fixed with a few pieces of fruit, but I am sure it  goes a long way. 

Vitamins, especially the natural kind from fruits and vegies, are even more appreciated in the winter.Still available, but not as easy, cheap and full of sun.Isn’t it exactly like it with so many things? You miss them after there gone.

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