Day 78 – Christmas stress

You know that Christmas gossip in the weeks before and after? When you get together with friends or talk together with colleagues in the lunch break. About mandatory quality time with family. Spending Christmas days with uncles and cousins you never see. Talking with aunts and having to tell the same story about your life ten times over. In the weekend newspaper I already saw a Christmas menu that would supposedly keep the peace in the family. 

I don’t know about this whole extra dilemma around Christmas. We all pretend that it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but in the mean time every family has something. I guess Christmas times just make you painfully aware of why Christmas was necessary. Christ coming to the world as a baby to become our Saviour. Simply because we can’t manage on our own. 

I am very grateful for a loving family. I am not saying we are perfect, but at least I know that our Christmas dinner will be simple, but peaceful. No big fuss. No big drama. Not too much glitter and glamour. Just like that first Christmas about 2000 years ago. A girl with a baby. Shepherds, not the most loved people in the society back then, came to honour the Child. The king tried to kill it. 

I am always  looking forward to Christmas, but this year I try to be extra aware of the brokenness in this world. Because Christmas is also a lonely time for so many, in which loved ones are missed. It’s a painful time, because loved ones make other choices. It’s a time to remember that Christ became a child to experience all of life’s phases and that’s the real comfort of Christmas. No matter  how much you may want to skip it. 

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