Day 80 – Eating together

Today’s picture is another old one. I am pretty sure I took it last year, when I lived in Germany for my last year of my Masters. What I remember from living there, was the nice and friendly flatmates. Always in for a cup of tea. We did cook for ourselves a lot, but there was often someone to eat with. Sharing meals is the most normal thing for me. Something I have always done. I really appreciate a meal on my own sometimes in which you can just focus on your food. Yet I didn’t realise for how many people eating alone is not something they wish to do every day.

Tonight I went for dinner in town at an eat-in event. Something that I’ve known from the cities in which I studied, but what never really has been done in the town that I grew up in. So I brought the guy that I am helping with his Dutch. He doesn’t really know a lot of people here and it isn’t always easy to find a way into a social network. He isn’t the only one that eats alone often. There are so many people that eat alone.

Having people to eat with is a privilege that I often don’t respect enough. Since it has become so normal. Yet what if there is no food to share or no people to share it with. Is that loneliness? Not having someone to share life with? I don’t believe life is less worthy if you go through it alone. But still I think it is important to share life with others. Simple things as a meal, an ‘I am thinking about you’ note or a text. I think being lonely can also be a choice. As life is a bundle of all the little choices you make.

Tonight I had the choice to just go and teach or to go eat together with a bunch of other locals. I chose for the latter. Because meals do taste better when you eat them together. And so does Glühwein, which my mum just heated up. So I am going to publish this blog now and enjoy some mulled wine.

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