Day 82 – What leek tells me about self care

Fresh leek and some potatoes, making my own curry sauce and put it in the oven. That’s about all it takes to get a nice meal ready. On Tuesday I wrote about sharing meals. Today I cooked one again. Preparing food is just a part of every day life for me. Because I am fortunate to have food every day. But then why do I keep forgetting that it isn’t normal.

This week was shaky. I made some decisions that I didn’t necessarily like, but needed to be made. I worked hard to get some projects done. Now they are almost done. In between I ate food, drank coffee and then went back to work.

Probably very similar to most of us. Instead of appreciating moments like that my hands still smell like leek (and I did wash them a couple times), I get frustrated. Instead of being happy with the food I make, I just eat it quickly and get on with the next thing in the day. Take time to stare out of the window. That’s what I wrote on Monday. Here we are. Almost at the end of the week. Christmas is right around the corner and that’s exactly not what I am doing.

I am rushing through my day. Without taking proper breaks. Without appreciating the moments of pure joy and letting them sink in. Because when I do, I notice that I have better ideas for my blog. I feel happier. I just simply like my life a little bit more.

So that’s my resolution for tomorrow. Taking it slow. I think I’ll start now with some yoga and a shower.

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