Day 83 – It’s bigger than a dress

Lately I haven’t bought clothes at all. Except for a second hand scarf and dress right after the summer. As I am participating in Dressember, I’ve become sort of creative with my dresses. Most of them are summer dresses, but with sweaters and cardigans, I manage to survive the winter cold. But for Christmas I wanted a different dress. One that is made from materials that are organic and fair. Made in a country that has decent working conditions.

Did you know that the clothes you were are probably touched by at least 80 hands already before you touched them. 80 hands. Mainly women, sometimes children. The fabric, sowing, ironing, wrapping, unwrapping, trying on, selling, buying. A dress is not just a piece of clothes, it’s a story. But essentially, all we want is a cheap, pretty dress without the story.

This year I am wearing a beautiful bordeaux-red dress. Very simple neckline. Made from recycled polyester and organic cotton. But more than the pretty material, it’s about the movement that this dress is a part of. To move fast fashion to the past. To make the fairest fashion possible.

And honestly, not even half of what I have in my wardrobe is made fairly. But this dress is a start. I am going to make myself a promise that every year at Christmas I will wear something that is made fairly. Because after all, it’s a time about hope and making that hope come true.

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