Day 87 – Windmills and rosy cheeks

Today was a beautiful day! It’s not over yet, but so far, it counted as a good day. Just a clear blue sky and sun can already make such a difference. Today was museum day. If you haven’t been reading my blog these last few days. I have a friend visiting from Colombia. She and I went to Camp Rising Sun together as staff last summer. It’s been a very nice few days so far. With Christmas we didn’t really travel around, but today we made up for that.

We started in our local museum. I was there recently with another friend as well and wrote about the coats in the hallway. I translated and rewrote a story about a young woman that rescued a Jewish boy in World War II right under the noses of some German soldiers. After that we drove through Germany. It’s always interesting to see how the towns, right across the border, already look different. We quickly went to a castle neighbour and hup, back in the car to the open air museum.

So I loved museums a kid. So much to do, see and learn. I love the interactive way of transmitting information to a new generation. What I like about this museum is that everything is real. The little houses, the decorations, the interior designs, everything is authentic. Usually donated to the museum. Whole houses and farms are rebuild in this museum. It’s a fun way to get to know culture and history. We tasted some really nice beer. Walked around in the forest. Learned about traditional types of labour. Peaked inside all different types of houses in different era’s.

Now my cheeks feel warm from the sun and the walking. Feeling content with the whole day so far. Happiness can be so simple. Just take a friend to a place that you haven’t seen in a long time. Walk around. Drink hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream. Reconnect with the inner child in you. Eager for new information and learning. Enjoying the day as it comes. Step by step.

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