Day 89 – Reflecting light

Last night I walked around in Amsterdam. This month is the Amsterdam Light Festival. Beautiful art work that brighten up the dark days of December. I walked around with a couple friends. The mist had cleared, the cold was ignored and boats were going around in the famous canals of Amsterdam. The most beautiful piece of art, wasn’t one that gave light, but it just reflected the light around it.

A piece of lace, which is made out of 9 panels, more than 33.000 meters of light reflecting thread, which weighs about 650 kilo. It is supposed to represent the interwoven Amsterdam. The connection between people and cultures, different infrastructures and the historical city and the city nowadays.

Besides all those lovely thoughts about connection, history and future, what captured me what the element of reflecting. This piece doesn’t give light itself, it reflects light. Today I spent much more time traveling than I was supposed to, due to delays and broken trains, but it gave me time to think. What do I reflect?

I believe that we all are reflectors. We reflect what we feel, what we experience and how others treat us. But it also works the other way around. Others will reflect what we radiate. If we radiate disappointed and anger, that will reflect in our surroundings. But if we radiate love and light, others will reflect that too.

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