Day 93 – Roots

Sometimes I struggle with blog titles. I wanted to call this one ‘ontwortelen’, which would translate with uprooting. But that doesn’t sound quite as nice. This morning I woke up to a white world. The snow has melted again by now, but for a day the world was white. I like snow as long as I don’t have to go outside too much. Today that wasn’t going to happen. Today I needed to pack up all my things to be ready to move tomorrow.

So I spent my day packing, while staring out of the window occasionally. It’s always cold upstairs, since my parents don’t have double glass windows. But after a few hours of work, I finally felt like my list of things to pack was getting shorter and my room cleaner. I am always surprised at how much stuff I have. Going through my clothes, my paperwork, my books and my toiletries, I realised that I have so much stuff that I could already fill an entire house.

I am moving to a small room instead. Tomorrow a new chapter of my life is starting again with a new job (more about that later) and maybe some other new projects. I am sort of excited, yet I find it harder to leave than I expected. I wrote about that in yesterday’s blog already as well. While I was packing, I had some time to think about why that is.

I think it has do with roots. This place, the house in which I grew up, will always be my home. It’s where I learned to walk, to talk, to live and to love. It’s the place where I became who I am. No matter what happens, or where I will go in this world, it will always remain home.

Every time I leave this place, I know that I will always have a room ready here, but it feels different when I live somewhere else. It took me some time to adjust back into life here after 5 years, but I think we managed to find a balance again. What I am going to miss is the cups of coffee at ten in the morning. Eating apple pie and potato chips on Sundays. Seeing my friends here every week, rather than every month. It’s little things that make home ‘home’.

Now I am going to a new home. A new place with new flatmates. A not so new city, but a new neighbourhood. A new place to plant a little piece of my roots. A place where I will leave another piece of my heart. But hopefully also a home where I can grow and plant my roots. Even if it is just for a little while.

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