Day 94 – New old city

Today I cycled around in Utrecht. The city that was my first home outside my parent’s place. I moved here when I was 18 and started with university. I lived here for about 3,5 years and then I moved to Spain. I loved my time in Utrecht and came back regularly. To see friends, to have dinner here or just to walk around in these city streets. Today I cycled around in my new old city.

Because since today I am living here again. Maybe it’s just for a little while, but it is a home again. A real house, with a garden, lots of tea and cats. But more about that house later. What struck me most today, is going back into the city. I live in a different neighbourhood now, but I know my way around. Yet I was surprised at how much had changed over the past two years.

For example, parking my bike in the public bicycle parking. Around the city center there are signs that indicated how many parking spots are still available and you can only pay your bike with a plastic barcode. The bookstore that I got my planner from last year has changed and another one didn’t have the planner I was looking for. Close to my new house is a whole new train station! So many changes..

Yet the city also feel familiar. The canals are still the same. The shopping center hasn’t changed all the much. The dom tower still rises strong in the city center. The bikes are still everywhere. As a cycle around, I am slowly getting used to the idea that I will be living here for the next few months again. Now it is still cold and grey, but in a few months the city will have transformed again in a lovely summer style.

Oh Utrecht, I wonder what you will have in store for me in the next few months.

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