Day 95 – New rhythm

Who am I? Or mainly, what am I? Am I still a student? Or am already integrated into a citizen like lifestyle? I am confused. By now it really got to me that I am not studying anymore. But to be honest, I am definitely not used to the regular life of a real housewife. Okay, let’s not get there too fast. But my point is clear. I am in a transition phase and I need to accept that.

So there it is. Transition. I guess it sort of what I want. To be moving and developing and growing and going. To improve little by little. Yet as much as any human being, I have a certain resistance to change. Because change is unfamiliar and new and scary and uncertain. I guess this is what I am going to do the next few weeks. Trying to figure it all out again.

Finding a new rhythm. And that takes time. Like practicing a musical piece. I used to play flute as a child and as a teenager I taught myself piano. Learning music takes time and requires patience and practice. Finding rhythm is just one element of it. I love playing music, because it requires so many senses. You see the music on paper, you hear the sounds you produce, you feel the instrument and you search for a balance between all of them.

So if I compare this transition with remembering what it was like to practice a musical piece as a child, all of the sudden I am more excited. I feel more ready to embrace the transition and the development, because I can’t wait to hear what it will be like in a little while. I’ll keep you posted!

p.s. Seeing my new house (next to that church) is already a plus of working in an office like setting.

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