Day 96 – Tea and television

A long phone call tonight got me thinking. With a simple question I called someone that I hadn’t talked to in way too long. He is the type of friend that you can always talk to though, no matter how long it has been. So we talked about our lives in the past few months. We both felt a little bit guilty about not catching up with each other enough. But in the end I realised there is no need to feel guilty. It’s okay to sit down with a cup of tea and watch your favourite show and not talk to each other.

I love catching up with people that I love. Because people are important to me. One friend asked me at some point if I didn’t have too many friends. Too many people I care about, so I stopped caring for myself. To some extend, he was right. During the past few months, I kept his advice. Focus on friendships. I have to admit that the physical distance helped. Living in Utrecht where everyone is close, makes it a lot easier to be in touch and to meet up. Living near the German border with a train connection that takes time, makes it a lot harder.

So instead of seeing friends, I would call someone occasionally or meet up in group settings, but in general I kept a bit of a low profile. Instead I watched more tv, which is still maybe the news and one or two episodes of a series each week, and drank tea and coffee with my family on the couch. Simple living. It gave me the rest that I needed.

So as I am finding my way into a new rhythm, one thing I am going to keep doing: allow myself to sit on the couch with a cup of tv watching the 8 o’clock news. Maybe a bit boring, maybe too ordinary for the exciting life that I would like to live, but after long days with new impressions, a high learning curve and constant adjustment to new circumstances, I like sticking with the familiar.

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