Day 97 – Time, you are enough

Enough time. It is the endless battle between the clock and me. In general we are on good speaking terms, but somehow the perfectionist in me always seems to want an extra hour of sleep, but also an extra hour to finish that email or call that friend. Time. It always helps me to think that everyone has the same amount of time in a day. Time in minutes and hours is in the end some sort of man-made construction. Nothing to worry about, but why then does it occupy my thoughts all the time?

I wake up with the sound of church bells every morning now. The clock doesn’t quite ring when it is supposed to ring, but the sound is one of my favourite sounds in the world. The low, but clear ringing of old bells. I like it. But it is also a reminder that another 30 minutes has passed.

My morning devotion today started with a quote, I forgot from who, but it said something along the lines of the time you invest in something, is the time you give back to yourself. I am not quite sure if I understand what is meant with that. Sometimes quotes are nice, but without the context they are just a nice-sounding sentence. But now the day progresses and my to-do list got longer instead of shorter, it makes sense to me. If I invest time in writing a report or sending an email, that often triggers some sort of response. But rather than finishing a task, investing usually leads to the next event. That requires more time.

To-do lists, planners, church bells. All indications of time and that time is passing by. But the only thing I can about it is use that time wisely. So I plan ahead, fill those to-do lists and continue with life as it is. The church bell just rang. Time for some food and time to upload this blog. Because those are definitely two investments worth my time.

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