Day 98 – House becomes home

A week ago the new year started. That evening I realised that I was actually going to move in the first days of the new year. Literally a new start again. I’ve had so many of those moments in the last two years, that I didn’t really look forward to doing it another time. But I also knew that this was the decision I made earlier and that it would all turn out okay. And it did. We are now a week further and I can truly say that I am blessed with a new home. Something today made a difference. Today this new house became a home.

The day started like a normal day. I woke up around 8.30 after a New Year’s party from which I got home later than expected. I did some yoga to wake up my sore shoulders (always been a weak spot) and lower back (weak spot since a car accident last summer). I took a shower. My mum called me to talk about daily life issues and admitted that she missed me at home. I cleaned my room, cleaned the bathrooms. Watched ice skating on television (the only sport I follow) and at a grilled cheese sandwich. I drank about 7 cups of tea today. Look at the kids in my street that were playing in the snow and slippery layer of ice with their tiny sleighs. I went out to buy some groceries and just as I got back, two friends asked if they could come by. I had just bought enough food to cook for everyone and that’s what we did. Eat, catch up and watch our favourite game show.

Now I am writing a blog, realising that somewhere today, this house became a home. I stayed here this weekend, because that is exactly what I was missing earlier this week. I moved here, worked hard, felt tired and simply needed time to adjust. But today I got to find new energy, find joy in the new house, feel the fresh air enter my bedroom and smell the fresh cooked vegetables in the kitchen. Today I found what I prayed for this morning. The safety of a home.

This week I started reading the Psalms again. Every morning I wake up with a small devotion and one of the Psalms. Today it was Psalm 4. The last bit ends with the exact feeling that became my prayer for today. And yes, in a little bit that is exactly what I will do. With a grateful heart. Lie my head down and sleep, dwelling in safety, knowing that it is a gift of the Lord. Not because I deserve it, but simply because He is good and abundant with giving you what your heart desires.

 In peace I will lie down and sleep,

    for you alone, Lord,

    make me dwell in safety.

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