Day 99 – Planners and plans

The first day  of the year I wrote about a hopeful future. A couple days later I bought this beautiful red journal. I couldn’t find the planner that I wanted. #firstworldproblem. Anyways, I decided to buy this journal and make my own planner. So today I spent my afternoon with glue, paper, tape and ink. For the next few months I have a planner again. Now I just need plans to fill those days with.

The first week is always a week of reflection. It’s a week of new beginnings. Moving to a new house gave that first week of the year an extra dimension. I am still figuring it all out, but the next days and weeks will all be about plans. Concrete plans. About hours of working. Eating, sleeping and meeting up with friends. I love planners. I love scheduling and planning and organising. It’s part of my new job. Making a new agenda gives me this hopeful, but also practical vibe. Now I need to make it happen. Make 2017 the best year yet.

But my planner this year is special. Because it says that I don’t just make my own plans. In the end all of them are up to God. I believe that His plans for me are so much bigger than I can understand. And yes, I will be making my own plans, but all in service of those bigger plans. My planner is just an everyday reminder that I am not the one in control.

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