Day 100 – Time to celebrate!

Today is a good day. A fantastic day! I woke up to the sound of children going to school and my first thoughts were about the book that I read last night before going to sleep. I made myself breakfast. And started with my day. This is one of those days were everything just seems to work. I started with some job applications and got two calls immediately after applying. Interviews are set and I am starting to feel really excited and enthusiastic. Besides the job search turning out well, I feel like I am moving again. After a couple months of rest and reflection, the time to work and invest has come again. So tonight I am celebrating. First dinner with all my house mates who are back from holidays. My favourite dessert is ready, dinner in the oven. Let’s celebrate!

Because this is my 100th day of writing. I am sort of really proud of myself. That I stuck with it. I still remember the moment that I decided to do this very clearly. Looking back at the past few months I am so grateful I had this blog to get back to every day. Because it hasn’t always been easy. I’ve had days in which I was angry and frustrated, because I got another rejection or because it rained again. Maybe just a bit of a winter blues, but maybe also knowing that it is my nature to always do a hundred things at the same time and being forced to rest is not quite like my natural pace of living.

But in the end those months of rest having been so good to me. The past 100 days have taught me that it is okay to do nothing for while. To rest and reflect. To simply hop on a yoga mat and breath. To enjoy a cup of tea and an episode of your favourite tv drama. I’ve learned that venting my social justice frustrations on a blog can be very helpful in letting go of hopelessness that I often feel watching the news or reading the newspaper. That it is okay not to write for a day and post an older blog. I have learned that each day has a moment that worth taking a picture of. That stories are everywhere.

These past 100 days I have travelled with my readers. I started doing this writing thing for myself, but by now I am enjoying the comments and personal messages people send me. I still write for me. Because I want to. It’s up to you to join. Where it’s 3 people or 50 people reading a blog post, each one counts. Each one is special in its own way. So because it’s been a 100 days, I’ve also learned what works well and what doesn’t. That’s why I decided that today is a good moment to start sharing my content daily on Facebook. I’ve started a page which you can like and follow and you’ll just see every post appear on your timeline. That’s my little gift for you. To celebrate my 100 days of writing. Looking forward to the next 265 days to come.

Like and follow me on Facebook!

p.s. The apple crumble is the easiest thing you’ll ever make. Cut 4 apples into small pieces. Mix with some sugar and cinnamon. With some soft butter (75 g), flour (100 g) and sugar (75 g), you can make the crumble. Oven dish, apples in there, crumble on top and in the oven for 30 minutes (200 degrees Celsius).

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